A little Karma is a good thing.

I just posted about my (yet to be delivered) Karma Go over on my regular blog, Changes of Man.

Ummmm… What is a Karma Go, you ask? It’s a mobile WiFi hot spot that anyone can connect to. Anybody that connects and makes a new Karma account gets 100 MB of free data to use… And I get a free 100 MB for sharing. It’s really a pretty cool concept, in my mind.

But, Karma has had some trouble getting this thing to market, but shipping has started. Now, the wait is making me antsy. I was fine, knowing that the device was still in somewhat of a limbo, but now that it’s shipping, I WANT MINE NAO! lol.

Instant Karma (go) is gonna get ya.


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I'm a Druid. I'm a Buddhist. I'm mostly solitary in practice, but I have a supportive local community. I'm a Progressive, as opposed to a Liberal, and more than a little bit idealistic... Though often disappointed. My wife says that I'm difficult and demanding, and she's mostly right. I have very high expectations of everybody, including myself. I live with depression and anxiety, which sometimes make it a challenge for me to communicate my ideas. I like fountain pens and ink, and am an involuntarily recovering caffeine addict, "thanks" to migraines. View all posts by druishbuddhist

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